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    [WA] Guide Credit to poopeedoo

    Kern Ovy
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    [WA] Guide Credit to poopeedoo

    Post  Kern Ovy on 2009-10-01, 12:34 am

    Credit to poopeedoo

    here is the direct link to the Warrior website, which will list all skills:

    Now I can start the guide for all of you aspiring warriors.


    Advantages: - Heavy Armor Set - High Defense
    - High Damage Skills
    - Need only to search for 1 weapon, which is easier than all other classes, who all need to search for 2.

    Disadvantage: - A.Master Skill cast time a little high, this means opponent can probably cast 2 skills during your casting period.


    Skills - Active

    Note: everything i have in between the lines such as *blah blah blah* will indicate the advantage of that particular skill. If i don't have any comments in the parallel lines, it means I BELIEVE this skill is useless and not worth getting.

    FLASH DRAW - You definitely want to level this skill to 9. * 120 degree AoE knockdown in fron tof you. *

    Impact Stab - Fast Casting, get up to level 9. * 1 target, weak damage, but the fast cast makes it worthwhile in skill leveling. *

    Power Stab - 1 target, low damage, no knockdown. Get lvl 1 of it for the sake of having 4 skills to combo.

    Fade Step - a backward dash that will cancel the oppnents combo. Useful in PvP. DO NOT get it before Master Skill Rank.

    Dash - Quickly moves a distance in front of you. *Helps getting through dungeons and avoiding mass mobs. Get it IF you have the skill slot for it*

    Concentration [BUFF] - in my opinion 100% useless. Combo = 100% hit and cast skills faster. I don't understand why people get this buff.

    Heavy Slash - 1 target low damage. USELESS, therefore no comment.

    Press Impact - AoE, good damage * get it, you will be using it for a while, up to level 9 only *

    Blade Force [BUFF] - get it to level 20 if u have the skill points, this buff increases damage.

    Raging Thrust - a 120 degree AoE, but the arc is to the side of your body and knockback. * good damage, AoE. however, the knockback can destroy your group mob, therefore making you have to regroup your mob. get it to level 9. also i would use this skill as last skill in combo*

    Rising Shot - 1 - 2 targets not too bad for damage. you can get it if you wish.

    Rising Blade - more powerful version of Rising Shot.

    Cascade Break - a high damage skill, but has knockback problem as well. * get it to level 9 and i would use it as last skill in combo *

    Charge - USELESS, despite what other people tell you about it and the MechaSpider boss. I tell you a strategy that will allow you to defeat MechaSpider without sustaining damage AT ALL.

    Rolling Crash [FINAL] - This will be 1 of your final skills. * 120 degree AoE in front of you, high damage, and knocksdown. get to level 20 *

    Iron Skin [BUFF] - Increase Hp and Def get it to whatever level you want preferably higher the better if you have the points to spend

    Blade Aura [BUFF - Advanced Blade Force] - do not get this skill right when you hit A.Expert because your Blade Force will provide a higher bonus at this point. * give greater damage than Blade Force, i get it at 40/67 A.Expert, which is level for Spiral Doom. *

    Round Cut - good aoe but weak damage. get it if u wish

    Spiral Doom [FINAL] - 1 of your final skills *Crazy Damage, 360 degree AoE. get to level 20*

    Sword Cannon [FINAL] - ranged sword skill * this is your boss skill, get it to level 9 ASAP, you will **** bosses with this skill *

    Aura Barrier [BUFF - Advanced Iron Skin] - Some philosophy as Blade Force, get it at around 40/57 Master Skill Rank. * Get to level 20, which adds 100hp and 59 def *

    Terra Break [FINAL] - INSANE damage....and 360 AoE * get it to level 9 i suggest for quick casting, therefore giving high DPS*

    Whirlwind [FINAL] - INSANE^2 damage...and 360 AoE * get it to level 9 for quick casting.


    Skills - Upgrade

    hp mastery
    Defensive sense
    offensive sense
    when you hit g.master.....
    impact control
    damage absorb



    Try to wear +4 and +5 equipment that you find or buy from vendor up to SHADOWSTEEL set.

    for SHADOWSTEEL set, get Adept+2: +3 Skill Exp per Skill pieces, which will be: HELM, ARMOR, BOOTS, GLOVES, BLADE, and CRYSTAL.

    Now that you have your SHADOWSTEEL set, you have 2 choices and they are as follows:

    for newbies to the game: wear your adept +2 set and skip BLUESTIN set. once you have enough stats, wear your TITANIUM set. For your TITANIUM set, DO NOT upgrade if that piece of equipment does not have a slot. The reason for skipping an entire set is to up your skills and the trick is to not get cheap on yourself with the potions. Start chugging and i mean chugging level 2 hp potions at this point.

    for experienced players: wear your adept +2 set and skip BLUESTIN and TITANIUM set. If you go this route, you will be behind on your quests, but you'll probably be G.Master by level 90 if not earlier. Know when to run and CHUG maybe even level 3 hp potions.


    Your Resources

    the fastest way to get rich is to do quests, which should cover you for above basic equipments without a problem.

    if you wana be rich, then go test your luck and find a cape to sell.

    NOW, this is VERY important, i can't stress this enough. IF YOU RUSH LEVEL, and is the first to 5th person of your class to reach level 50 then you should SAVE ALL YOUR MONEY (ALZ) and use it on your crafting. Craft your armorset and throw away all the different types until you reach ADEPT craft. once you craft yourself and adept +2 set start crafting more and start selling them at 250k - 300k a piece. Once you start feeling competition, start lowering your prices accordingly.


    This is my guide. I hope it helps even a little bit, and do remember I am lazy and i tried my best with my keyboard.

    feel free to leave comment or if you need me to add anything

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