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    [WA] Guide

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    [WA] Guide

    Post  Kern Ovy on 2009-10-01, 12:55 am

    Cabal SEA - Warrior Guide - sniperzreborn's Warrior Guide

    sniperzreborn@Copyright Reserved

    I'm the newly guide maker for the warrior guides to make you a wise and intelligent warrior in battlefields. In my very own warrior guide, I'll be covering the skills from Novice to Completer rank and also on how you PvP and Guild Wars better with some tactics provided commonly and uniquely.

    The Advantages And Disadvantages of Warrior Jobs

    Warriors have the advantages of the 2 factors below :

    No.1 Heavy Armor = Higher Defense In-Game

    No.2 High Damaging Skills Technique

    Warriors do also have disadvantages as the following :

    No.1 Warrior's A.Master Skill : Terra Break has a quite long casting time which gives your opponent advantage to spam twice the skills you had but in other words, it's a damaging AoE effect skill.

    No.2 Warrior's overall skills are rather long in casting so you need to cover it up with strong equipments to reduce damages from PvE and PvP.


    Warrior's Skill List

    Flash Draw - Fast cooldown. Get it to max level 9 in your early lv10s to 20s. It's AoE based damage.

    Impact Stab - Aims one mob at a time but all the damages are being focused.Remember it's single target!

    Power Stab - I prefer you to max it till level 9 and just go on leveling as this doesn't have knockdown effects and such.

    Fade Step - This skill is used for evading magic casting and combo-ing from your opponents in PvP. But usually you need it at level 9 so you can do quest easier from the early game till the late game where you had to fight bosses using Fade Step.

    Dash - Moves quickly ahead once you used the skill. Makes you reach your destination easier.

    Concentration - Max this to level 20 for increasing your attack rates in leveling. You can delete this skill anytime if you just focus on combo-ing on monsters and players alike. But if you want this in your skill list, it's still advised.

    Heavy Slash - Turns around your sword at some degree and smash a single target or nearby monsters. Max this to level 9 for fast casting and lesser cooldown.

    Press Impact - AoE based sword slash. Max it to level 9 as it's faster in casting.

    Blade Force - Increase your attack efficiently. Max this to level 20 for improved damages. It's recommended at your lv40s to lv70s above.

    Raging Thrust - Turning your sword to a drill-like attack and thrust through your foes in a straight line. Max this skill to level 9 if you please.

    Rising Shot - Raises your sword in a uppercut form and attacks with AoE like degree attack. Max to level 9 and never to level 20 as you'll only get more cooldown and slower casting time.

    Rising Blade - An improved version of Rising Shot. If you are out of slots,delete Rising Shot skills and just learn this to level 9.

    Cascade Break - Sword skill gathered with the earths power to take out strong attacks to the earth surface. Max this to level 9 as it's advised.

    Charge - It's a so-so skill for Warrior jobs for charging next to your single target. If you want this skill, just max it to level 9. Or if you really wanted this skill, learn it as your very own build.

    Force Kick - Stuns for 2 seconds as you charged with a flying kick against your enemy. Max this to level 9 only cause if you max it to level 20, all you got is longer cooldown.

    Rolling Crash - You'll jump up with your twisting sword and goes down with a powerful slam. AoE based sword skill that attacks fiercely to the ground monsters and opponents.

    Iron Skin - Max it to level 20 for the max potential of HP and Defense.

    Blade Aura - Increases your attack drastically. Max it to level 20 is advised. Improves your sword skills like Cascade Break and Rolling Crash pretty well.

    Round Cut - AoE based attack that turns 360 degree near your warrior to cause decent damage. Pretty weak but if you need it, make sure it is max to level 9.

    Down Breaker - Improves your knockdown effect to hit much more against your enemy. Max this to level 20 at higher levels as this puts you into the nickname " Knockdown Machine! "

    Spiral Doom - Spins 360 degree AoE style to cause a 3 time damage to your opponent. Get it to level 9 or if you want to get it to level 20, it's still pretty fine for warrior.

    Sword Cannon - A long range sword skill that bursts up a straight line cannon. Max it to level 9 for fast casting.

    Aura Barrier - Glowing with a bright yellow orange-ish aura. It improves your HP and Defense further more. Stacks with Iron Skin. Max it to level 20 A.S.A.P!

    Terra Break - Turns 360 degree and jumps from high above and cause an earthquake down below to create high damages. Max it to level 9 for decent cooldown and fast casting.

    Whirlwind - An improved version of the Spiral Doom. As this is more fierce and stronger, it creates a whirlwind of powerful spinning AoE sword swings. The more monsters that gathered around you, the more the damage improves gradually. So remember to lure a large amount of monsters to show the true power of Whirlwind. Remember to get it to level 9. It's also ok for it to go for level 20 if you want a stronger damage based sword skill.

    Seismic Wave - A volanic lookalike attack that shoots at straight line with highly immense damage! Max it to level 9 or the better level 20.

    Warrior's PvP Tactic Against Other Jobs

    They are agile and strong in attacks. To fight them in BM2 mode would be easy if your level are not far by 3 to 5 levels. Warrior's BM2 mode is simple, just use Dash + Normal Attack to fight against a BM2 mode Blader. When they are about to be defeated, activate your Astral Lance skill to get a final blow ahead. Be careful of their Crushing Blow techniques from their BM2 mode too. As long you pumped in HP + Defense and with good equipments, you will be easy to par with any bladers alike.

    In normal BM1 or combo mode, this is where the battle is challenging. You need to have good controls of combo and never miss to beat PvP matches. Usually, bladers have advantages against warriors in this form but it's all hands down to the accurate combo count being accumulated for greater winning purpose.

    Force Archer
    Long ranged jobs are warrior's opponent for their long destiny ever! To fight with them, you need to have Dash + Fade Step and some warrior's skill. Preferably, use sword skills that has knockdown percentage of 85% above and you'll be easier to fight against FA's.

    As for BM2 mode, it's all about getting next to them and go normal attacking and throw your Astral Lance. If you never ever get near to them , your as good as lying on floor afterwards. In later games, warriors do not fear BM2 FA's much anymore due to the high defense that reduces quite sustainable amount of damage given from the BM2 Fa's.

    Force Shielder
    Nearly the same as warrior's particular sword skills. To beat them in BM2 is rather easy, just use Dash and get near them and do the normal attack and do pray your knockdown effects are locked on for you to damage even further.
    Be careful as some FS's defense are as tough as you could ever imagine, you may suggest buying critical slotted sword equips to battle them out. If they were to stun you with Force Kick, use your very own Force Kick if you had it. If you never learn it, it's ok. Just use ur normal sword skills that has 90% above knockdown effects for you to initiate better combo counts.

    Force Blader
    This is one of the toughest foe in later games. But all you need is to practise your combos used in battle. The more combos you made for etc : 15 to 30 combos would be easy advantage if the FB's initiate less than 9 to 15 combos.
    Their BM2 is rather decent so you have advantage as a BM2 warrior form. In BM2 battles, all you need is to Dash and get behind their back and normal attack! Other than that, watch out for their BM2's cannon. It's a pain if you never finish them off before they take you down.

    At normal modes like BM1, it's all about more damages you inflict against FB's and how they try to beat warriors too. So it's a challenging match.

    Another long range foe you have to beat. In early games, they are pretty much common to be defeated under one BM2 warrior mode's Astral Lance skill. In late games, you may need to focus on combos or a BM2 form that uses backstabbing tactics and terrain usage to beat wizards. Their normal wizard skills are high damages and it's painful for melee jobs like W's and FS's. It's all hands down to the best combo battle if you were engaged with a wizard!

    Your very own job and also your very own enemy if you faced them. It's all about who has the better equips and stronger sword skill and also who has the upper hand in skills rank and such. BM2 mode in between two warriors are all about normal attacking and Astral Lance skills. Buff yourself before you fight your very own jobs. Same applies to all the 5 other classes.

    Warrior's Upgrade Guide
    It's all about what you prefer and suitable for your PvE and PvP purposes. The skills mastery below is just part of my own preference.

    HP Mastery - A must for boosting HP at every skills rank you have.
    Mana Mastery - If you want to have more mana pools, learn this.But it's better not to learn it after you reach lv30s above as your mana is more than enough.
    Reflex - For increasing your defense rate, learn it if you please.
    Offensive Sense - Increases your attack.
    Defensive Sense - Increases your defense.
    Impact Control - G.Master's skill that improves your attack further.
    Damage Absorb - G.Master's skill that improves your defense and make you tougher.


    Warrior's Skill Leveling Guide

    To get skills experience is a mission for all warriors, to achieve a greater skills rank to boost your stats and access to more skills.

    So as to do this, what you need is the following common things in mind :

    1. Get full adepts from your armors,shoes,gloves and head equips. Once you bought it. Remember to get a adept swords equip to boost more of your skills leveling process.

    2. You can always punch to gain slowly for the Sword and Magic section. Increasing both slowly also eases your time as you get to balance your skills rank altogether.

    3. Spamming of your sword skills are advisable too. As you progress through leveling, you'll certainly have enough time to improve your skills rank as well.

    4. Most importantly, patience in-game is required! You need to invest some time to improve your skills leveling afterall.


    Warrior's Money Earning Guide

    Nothing much to explain either way. But if you really want to be rich as a warrior, all i know is about doing quest after quest.

    So from lv1 till lv100, you would have accmulated at least 30-75 million alz's in game just progressing through quest!

    Remember to sell slotted equips and check the market price! There's always demand but you still need patience in order to sell all your stuffs!

    That's all to my guide. Hope you like it! Try stickied it if possible!

    sniperzreborn's Warrior Guide @ Copyright Reserved 2008

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