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    Map & Monster

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    Map & Monster

    Post  Kern Ovy on 2009-09-30, 11:31 pm

    Bloody Ice

    Niper rug
    Lv. 1 HP:65
    Lives in Cold Areas and Attacks using sharp front legs. But not that much ot threat

    Lv.3 HP:104
    Weakest of its type but if you think they are easy to deal with, you will be surprised

    Sko Rug
    Lv.5 HP:143
    Quite dangerous monster that uses powerful front legs to hunt for preys
    Lv.7 HP:182
    Has very sharp claws, sometimes hides its self in snow.

    Zombie Mate
    Lv.9 HP:280
    Monster that has twisted body, it quietly approaches to travelers

    Lv.12 HP:221
    Monster that has massive power and uses huge hummer and nail to attack

    RingsHon Zombie
    Lv. 15 HP:338
    Ringshon that changed into Zombie. It?s more of threat.
    RingsHon Zombie Leader
    Lv. 20 HP:436
    Leader of Ringshon Zombie. Just think it as most powerful mamma of its group

    Lv. 27 HP:572
    Monstrol taht only left with bones. Wears victims clothing and waits for lost travelers.
    Skeleton Warrior
    Lv.30 HP:?
    Same type as skeleton but warriors that uses powerful skills to attack.

    Skeleton Mage
    Lv.31 HP:455
    Skeleton but uses powerful magic to attack
    Lv.34 HP:496
    has stories that it kidnapped small kids.Uses Magic stick to create flame to attack the enemy.

    Hound Zombie
    Lv.37 HP:767
    Dumped dogs that changed into zombie
    Pantherhon Zombie
    Lv.40 HP:826
    Pantherhon that only left with bones and leather. Since it has no sense of life it is a great theat

    Ape ( Ape+ 1846 )
    Lv. 41 HP: 845
    stands using huge arms. Therefore movement is fast and offence power is great.
    Ape Zombie
    Lv. 44 HP:904
    Some Apes transfers into Zombie that has no mercy. Be aware

    Ghost ( Ghost+ 2648 )
    Lv. 50 HP:1021
    Wonders around entrance of land of Dead. Hate every living being.
    Lv. 60 HP: 1021
    only spirit is left and exist as shadow but its existence threatens evry living being.

    Desert Scream

    Lv. 1 HP: 65
    Has large ears and it?s very cautious. Attacks while standing on two feet.

    Giant Beetle
    Lv.3 HP:104
    Hides below ground and attacks enemy using horns.

    Red Galy
    Lv.5 HP:143
    Offenslve Red Galy. Uses powferful hind feet.
    Galy Captain
    Lv.7 HP:127
    Galy that uses magic Hangs around red Galy.

    Desert Fox
    Lv.9 HP:221
    Fox that lives in Desert. It uses sharp claws to attack enemies to leave deep wounds.
    Desert hound
    Lv.12 HP:280
    Skinny as bone. Always looking for possible preys.

    Giant Snake
    Lv.15 HP:?( Black Snake HP:1028 )
    When you are crossing desert always be cautious of them, since they look alike sand you don?t know they could make a surprise attack.

    Huge Beatle
    Lv. 18 HP:397
    Mutated giant beatle. They developed iron like shell.

    Lv. 21 HP:455
    Attacks enemy using sharp back shell by rolling forward.(Arumaku+ HP:988)
    Lv. 24 HP:514
    It is mammal that originally lives in water. Occationally you can find trace them place to place.

    Lv. 27 HP:572
    looks as it just came out of a grave. Drags its leg arounds but when it attacks in a instant.
    Mummy Blader
    Lv.30 HP:631
    Warrior who watched over Tomb of Mummy. Expert in handing two blades.

    Mummy Warrior
    Lv.31 HP:650
    Attacks enemy with a coffin on its shoulder. Filled with rage.
    Lv.34 HP:709
    crawls about using its claws on its wings. Attack using spinning tail.

    Lv.37 HP:767
    Crawl about using four feet. It flys briefly to stomp enemy using threatening hind feet.
    Clay Gargoyle
    Lv.40 HP:826
    There is story that life got inspired to crafted mud. Fly briefly to attack the enemy.

    Lv. 50
    Live inside the desert sand. Attacking enemy by spiting out strong acid.
    Rug Queen
    Lv. 60 HP:1459
    Uses a poison stinger and Spurt out flame to attack enemy.

    Green Despair

    Lv.1 HP:65
    attacking using fore feet that looks like a sickle. It not that much of threat.

    Lv.3 HP:104
    attacks using kicks but doesn?t look much threat to anyone. They were known as very peaceful mammal.

    Troglo fightor
    Lv.5 HP:143
    They are Evolved troglos that carries blunt wood en stick.
    Elder Troglo
    Lv.7 HP: 127
    Throws a coconuts to attack enemies. It is more of threat than assult.

    Troglo Warrior
    Lv.9 HP:221
    its body is small but carries large club. Do not under estimate them.
    Dire Boer
    Lv.12 HP:280
    it has mutated back hair that helps to disguise ti self. It has big appetite.

    Plant Toad
    Lv. 15 HP:338
    Eats mutated vegetation and spurts out poison gas from its back.
    Lv. 18 HP:397
    approaches quickly to attack enemy using its hones on hands.

    Lv. 21 HP:
    it has distinctive hones its head. Attacks enemy by jumps or collide enemy using hones.
    Plant PantherHon
    Lv. 24 HP:514
    recent appearance and their body is covered with vegetation.

    Giant Spider
    Lv. 24 HP:514
    attacks using powerful fore legs and jaws.
    Hugs Spider
    Lv.30 HP:631
    Stronger and larger giant Spider. Seems as mammals are evolving quickly.

    Lv.40 HP:
    attacks travelers using points fore legs to collect nutritions.
    Bitter leaf
    Lv.44 HP:904
    Attacks by Spouting out poison from its mouse and bites using claws.

    Lv.47 HP:962
    Uses bladed front legs and poison singers to attack enemy.
    Lagle Leaf
    Lv. 50
    Highzard HP: 988 Mosscutter+ HP:1808
    Tree that attacks enemy by swinging nuts that is hard as iron.

    Mosquito Queen
    Lv. 60 HP:1459
    attack anything that is a threat to her eggs.


    Crag Turtle
    Lv. 51 HP: 874
    lives in grass land of Excilian island. Turtle that has hard shell that looks and feels like a rock.

    Lv.59 HP:1435
    You can see broken bones sticking out of skin. Also bites so be cautioned.

    Crag Crab
    Lv 52 HP:1271
    Hard shelled monster. Uses its large claws to attack enemies.
    Phantom Worker
    Lv. 61 HP:1037
    hovers around area and attacks enemy by sword or throwing daggers.

    Crag Toad
    Lv. 53 HP:1295
    As you get close to Toad, it spouts out poison gas and if you start to run it whips enemy using its long tougue.
    Phantom Crew
    Lv. 62 HP:1054
    ghost crews of a shipwreck rose above port Lux.

    Lv. 54 HP: 1317
    bird that has homs that looks like the ones on deer and attacks enemy using homs in midair
    Flame Hound
    Lv. 63 HP:1529
    Body is covered with flame. It been attacked it feels like victims it self also feels like covered with flame.

    Bug Shark(Bug shark+ 2964)
    Lv. 56 HP:1365
    it has sharp horn on its back and uses Cross hummer to attack.
    Dark Soldier
    Lv. 64 HP: 1552
    Thickly dark smoke supports rusty old armor. When attacked scatters little bit.

    Lv. 57 HP: 1388
    Carries large Axe and shield that looks lide shell fish?s shell.
    Stone Golem
    Lv. 67 HP:1622
    Bock it self. If you stare at distance it looks as moving rocky.

    Stone Gargoyle
    Lv. 58 HP:1412
    looks of evil from hell. If you are not confident. Try to avoid it.
    Dark Blader
    Lv. 70 HP:1693
    warrior been christened with darkness. Controls power of darkness.


    Auto cannon-OP
    Only built for one purpose. Destruction!. No one knows its origin. be careful of its search sensor.

    Meca Bufferlo

    Meca Bufferlo
    Modified to considerably increase attacking power, it attacks using its iron horns.

    Hound S-01
    Hound S-01
    Modified desert hound. its power can in no way be compared with the original Desert Hound.
    Electric Bird
    Electric Bird
    Occasionally appears in continents. Well known metal clan, beware of its lightning attack.

    Meca ape
    Meca ape
    Modified ape from north Midreth. As it become stronger, its appearance has become more brutal looking.
    Meca zard

    Meca zard
    Uses long whip like arms. its has extremely high destructive power.

    Meca Ape Archer
    Meca Ape Archer
    This is a modified ape. It has a very effective attack at both short and long distance.
    Auto Cannon-EX

    Auto Cannon-EX
    Only built for one purpose. Destruction!. No one knows its origin and you should be aware of sudden attacks.

    Meca Mender
    Meca Mender
    Created using experimental cutting edge technology, be especially aware of its long range attacks.


    Lion Zombie
    A huge creature which guards the entrance of the Undead Ground.

    Vampire Servant

    Vampire Servant
    Loyal servant who guards the vampire farm.

    Ghost Blader
    Ghost Blader
    Attacks enemies by throwing blades of fury at them. It can detect an enemy from a distance so be aware.
    Death Soldier
    Death Soldier
    A dark spirit covered in heavy armour, it uses a lance to attack.

    Zombie Fighter
    Zombie Fighter
    Carries two iron hammers and limps around.
    Death Giant

    Death Giant
    It uses an extremely heavy hammer to attack enemies. It has two horns on its head and look as though it has come from hell.

    Zombie Slater
    Zombie Slater
    Wears heavy armour and carries an axe.

    If you can hear hair-raising screams of laughter, never let your guard down, it must be close by.

    Zombie knight
    Zombie knight
    Wears and carries heavy armour and weapons of high level warriors. Be aware!

    The strongest creature from from Undead Ground, it doesn't have ideal name to describe it.

    Beserker Goul
    Beserker Goul
    You can see broken bones sticking out of it's skin. Can not be compared with the creature from Port Lux

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