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    [FB] Guide2

    Kern Ovy
    Kern Ovy
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    [FB] Guide2 Empty [FB] Guide2

    Post  Kern Ovy 2009-10-13, 9:08 pm

    FINAL Sword Skills
    1)Fade step lv9 (lv9 is max level)
    2)Dash lv9 (lv9 is max level)
    3)Rising Shot lv1/18/20
    4)Force Assault MAX
    5)Force Slash MAX
    6)Dance of Ruin MAX
    7)Abbysal Crystal MAX
    8)Infernal Stigma lv9/18/19/20 up to personal preferrence
    9)Force Impact lv9/18/19/20 up to personal preferrence
    10)Infernal Impact (GM) lv9 for spammability
    11)Assassinate (Comp) lv9 for spammability
    12)Force Kick lv9 for lowest cd

    FINAL Magic Skills
    1)Earth Guard MAX
    2)Aqua Vitality MAX
    3)Lightning Blade MAX
    4)Wind Movement MAX (lower it if you do not have enough points for other skills)
    5)Stone/Aqua/Lightning ALL 3 Cannons MAX
    6)Wind Cannon up to personal preferrence
    7)Enervation 18/20 up to personal preferrence
    8)Hard Luck lv18/19/20 up to personal preferrence
    9)Execration MAX
    10)Mana Freeze/Field of Enervation/Field of Execration (MAX the only 3 TRANSCENDER skills)
    11)Ice Blade MAX (stackable with lightning blade after lv140 rank up)

    Some Notes:
    1)FBs only have transcender MAGIC skills but NOT sword skills.
    2)There is NO such thing as MAGIC FB.
    3)Enervation cannot be used in PVP.
    4)Lower Defense, Hardluck and 3 Trans skills can be used in PVP.
    5)Mana Freeze reduces ur opponents mana by 1400 at MAX level for a short duration. It is not permanent.
    6)Rising Shot is just a filter in the stunlock combo. It is not a good damage skill so you can either keep it at lv1 or if you have enough skill points, lv20. Lv20 is just to maximise the damage for stunlock since the dps for stunlock is already quite low.
    7)DoT (known as damage over time or poison) from Force Assault+Force Slash+GM can be stacked.
    8)Fade step is a skill useful in pvp and war. It makes the opponent de-targets you. So he must be good in re-clicking you so that his combo wont break in pvp. In war zones where they are so many ppl around, a simple fade step makes your enemy cant click you back easily since you are surrounded by so many ppl. He could possibly click another person.

    Upgrade Skills
    1)HP Vitality
    2)Damage Absorb
    3)Sixth Sense
    4)Impact Control
    5)Offensive Sense
    6)Defensive Sense/Reflex (DEF sense for PVP/Reflex for PVE)

    What I suggest is you getting ONLY HP vitality at the initial stage leaving out other upgrades till you reach GM skill rank due to insufficient slots. At GM rank, you will be able to learn sixth sense/dmg absorb/impact control which are much better compared to defensive sense/offensive sense/reflex. After which, you can start learning back those "lousier upgrades".

    The above skills are compulsory in my opinion. I left out some skills like lower defense, resist intention and darkness because there are arguments about getting them.

    Stat Requirements
    Originally Posted by zKiraz View Post
    FB growth chart
    [FB] Guide2 FBstate

    [FB] Guide2 Statsv2

    [Done by windforce]
    Basically, its just putting STR and INT just nice for your equipment requirement and the rest into DEX.
    OSM Battleset +7 requirement: 227 STR and 227 INT
    OSM Armorset +7 requirement: 283 STR
    Some may ask, "Heavy pro or Dex pro?" I would say go for DEX because Terragrace's requirement is the same as OSM. With the same number of APs available, you wont have to sacrifice 58 STR just to be heavy FB. The extra bonus from DEX is much greater than that of STR.

    Advantage: Higher def and def rate compared to Osm Armor (both +7)
    Disadvantage: Expensive and lesser bonus from 1 slot.
    Osm Armor set
    Advantage: High def, much cheaper than Terragrace (crafted parts are better but more expensive)
    Disadvantage: Lower def rate and def than +7 terra set.

    Suggested Equips
    1) Osm Armor/Battlehelm 2 slot with crit +6/7 (deathblow CRIT DMG INC if possible)
    2) Osm Armor/Battlesuit 2 slot with hp +6/7 OR TG Suit 1 slot with hp +6/7 (amp if possible)
    3) Osm Armor/Battleglove 2 slot with atk/def +6/7 OR TG Glove 1 slot with atk/def +6/7 (amp if possible)
    4) Osm Armor/Battleboots 2 slot with hp +6/7 OR TG Boots 1 slot with hp +6/7 (amp if possible)
    5) Osm/Redosm Katana 1 slot with crit +6/7 (Either Osm Katana 2 slot with crit +6/7 OR Deathblow CRIT DMG INC TT/Osm Katana 2 slot with crit +6/7)
    6) Topaz Orb/Crystal 1 slot with crit +6/7 (Either Lapis Orb/Crystal 2 slot with crit +6/7 or Deathblow CRIT DMG INC Pherystin/Lapis Orb/Crystal 2 slot with crit +6/7)
    7) 2 X ROL + 1
    Cool Amulet of Pain/Bracelet of Fighter/Earring of Guard if possible (subject to changes if you need vamp gears)
    9) Epaulet of Guardian/Fighter (I think you have to be versatile with this. If you need def, use eog. If you need atk, use eof. I think having both eog/f+6 shouldnt be a problem since they are very cheap now.)

    Note that I have suggested all crafted CRIT DMG INC items instead of CRIT RATE because max crit rate is 50%. 5% (from base crit rate) + 25% (from stacking of blades at lv140) + 20% ( 2 X ROL+1) gives 50%. Having crafted CRIT DMG INC increases ur crit dmg output alot provided that you complete your lv140 rank up. However if you can get slotted rate in 2 of ur 3 extended helm, katana or crystal, you can switch one of ur ROL to Crit Ring +2 to boost ur crit dmg.

    Some Tips on Skilling and Levelling
    1) Dont add impact stab and flash draw to higher level. If you want, you can add till lv9 for lowest cooldown to combo. Combo is the fastest for skill levelling.
    2) Dont learnt too many skills at earlier stage. For example, illusion stab and force drive. You may realise you have run out of alz for skills for magic, sword and upgrade. If you think you have enough skill points to increase, go ahead. For me, I kept everything at lv1 except those higher dmg skill at lv9 too until i have lv9 gm/comp. Buffs are of course maxed and not lv1. Cannons can be obtained at later stage since you wont be using BM1 often yet.
    3) The reason behind Lv 1 for all skills is to have lowest damage output as possible. Lower dmg = more combo. Suggested skilling combo for sword (by me and niefeng): rising shot(1)>force slash(1)>impact stab(1)>flash draw(1). Skilling combo for magic: magic/fire arrow(lv1)>aqua arrow(lv1)>freezing arrow(lv1). Novice skills are best for skilling since the dmg is low. Note that I kept all skills at level 1 is because I dont have to waste money to delete their levels in order to remove them.
    4)Basically, juz use the skilling combo for ALL questing and levelling.
    5)Continue till you have the stats requirement for adept set, estimated level around 40, depending on your skill rank.
    6)Upon reaching adept, you can either continue all that I've mentioned above or use training wpns(for low dmg) to keep combo-ing. You can even "punch" too. However, in this case, you have to use training katana to "punch" because of buff casting restriction.
    7)Last but not least, have patience. Patience makes you a dual transcender =X

    Stunlock Combo
    Infernal Stigma>Rising Shot>Force Slash>Infernal Impact>Assassinate (cycle this 5 skills)
    This is the more well-recognised stunlock combo from a video (named CABAL FB) of one FB in pontus ferrum.

    DPS Combo
    Assassinate>Infernal Impact>Impact Stab>Assassinate>Abyssal Crystal>Impact Stab>Infernal Impact (cycle Assassinate>Abyssal Crystal>Impact Stab>Infernal Impact)
    DPS combo meaning the combo that dishes the most damage in the shortest amount of time. This is the combo in a video (named volca FB) by a FB solo-ing VC.

    Actually skills in combo is mix-and-match. They are not fixed and you can change them to suit your own preferrence. For example, the DPS combo that Im using is not exactly the same as what I have listed. It will be shown in the next post. I changed filter skills in between. It all depends on what skills you want to fit them into your combo. I shall show you what combo i use to show some examples of variation, which is what I am using as well in the next post.

    Last edited by Zap on 2009-10-13, 9:19 pm; edited 1 time in total
    Kern Ovy
    Kern Ovy
    Admin Lv 999

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    [FB] Guide2 Empty Re: [FB] Guide2

    Post  Kern Ovy 2009-10-13, 9:09 pm

    Since there are so many threads abt ppl asking what upgrade skills to get, i'll create one and explain everything so everyone will stop asking.

    First, i'll list down the 5 main upgrades we should get.
    1. Vitality Mastery (pretty straightforward, more hp = more survivability in PvE or PvP.)
    2. Offensive sense (straightforward too, adds attack.)
    3. Impact control (higher lvl attack upgrade, a must.)
    4. Damage Absorb (higher lvl def upgrade, a must too.)
    5. Sixth sense (higher lvl defrate upgrade, also a must, saves ur arse in PvE.)

    the last one boils down to either Defensive sense or Reflex.
    Reflex = 513 defrate at transcender lvl.
    Defensive sense = 32 defense at transcender lvl.

    Ppl are saying that defensive sense helps more in pvp.
    Well thats true, defrate doesnt help in pvp because ppl always combo.
    And combo ensures that ur hits will NOT miss.

    But IMO, getting reflex for 513defrate is a better tradeoff than 32def.
    Why? because at higher lvls, 32def isn't gonna save ur arse much in PvE, much less PvP.
    At higher lvls, everyone would be dealing high dmg and doing more crits.
    32defense isn't gonna save you much.
    But for 513defrate, its gonna help you, if not tremendously, in PvE.

    If you still insist on going for the 32def over the 513def rate,
    I can only say that you'll be losing alot on the pve side,
    yet only gaining a very slight advantage in pvp. almost negligible.

    Ultimately, its still ur choice.

    But a tip for you, lvl1 defensive sense is useful, costs 74k alz to learn and even cheaper to unlearn, and can provide 17defense.
    If you have empty upgrade slots which you're not using or probably saving the slot for a better upgrade skill, you might wanna temporarily learn lv1 defensive sense for the 17def and unlearn it when you need to replace it with better skills.

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