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    [Cabal] The Cheat Catcher's Guide

    Kern Ovy
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    [Cabal] The Cheat Catcher's Guide

    Post  Kern Ovy on 2009-09-17, 10:03 pm

    The Cheat Catcher's Guide [by adianca]
    adianca 08-17-2009
    Hey there i'm a newbie (lvl 11) in this game and i'm obviously amazed by the huge amounts of bots and cheaters running around in Cabal. So much so that i decided to make a guide. ( a damn long guide... i think i must be mad...)


    ~--~-WHY DO WE NEED THIS?-~--~

    One of the reasons i made this article is that seeing something like this makes me want to beat people with a flaming battering ram:
    Originally Posted by Omg! i is botter killer
    I see thousands of botters every day and i'm so strong that i kill them in 1 hit lolz0r. Then he came back and i killed the botter again
    Originally Posted by schmart guy
    So.. you say the guy botted coze you 1hit him? Did you even try talking to the guy?
    Originally Posted by Omg! i is botter killer
    yah! i talked to him and he said "i no bot why you attack me? i'm new in Cabal" all botters say that so i kill him again. Botter and liar!
    Originally Posted by schmart guy
    Whoa.. wait so... you didn't actually check if he's a botter or not? you called a newbie botter and killed him out of the blue? Sorry buddy but now i'm going to hunt you down and test a bunch of pitchforks on you
    Originally Posted by Omg! i is botter killer
    lal xaxa joo are so noob i can 1hit you too so mabe you botter too
    *schmart guy blinks behind the so called botter killer and stabs him with a pitchfork*

    This was something that i actually seen on this forum but i just made it look and sound funnier. That guy did mentioned the thousands of botters he sees and how he likes to 1hit. I just made him look funnier than he really was (sad really)
    I'm allergic to the kind of people that accuse other players of botting without giving them a second chance.

    Give them all the chances in the world to prove they don't bot. Bots can't defend themselves against the bot test described below.



    I used to skill every day (and even spent a couple of nights) at the BI nippers in ch15. Ive seen about 20 botters/day and killed at least half. So here's how to seek and point botters and cheaters out.

    [easy] Farming Bots/ Alz Bots

    These are your average alz bots that run around killing nippers without even bothering to answer to a player's call, reply to pvp, trade or party.
    These bots are easy to spot hence they always kill low level monsters, dressed in the beginner armor.
    These bots however, have 1 special trait that separate them from all the others: Invincibility - you kill them but they simply don't receive the "die" command. their death animation plays, and then POP! they get up and continue killing. You cannot target them for a new pk after that point
    Their death timer does appear to them but the bot ignores it. After the timer finishes its 3 minute countdown it will spawn them back to town by default and the bot will replenish life and mana and will return to the farming spot.

    Also a good mention is that about 90% are fighters so they don't have to buy mana.

    Another feature of the Alz bot is to ignore some obstacles and simply snap near targets from time to time, sometimes over walls.

    Killing these will not give you any penalty and its actually greatly recommended due to the high fun factor. They also make a good training buddy because you can try killing mobs before they do.

    [medium] Leveling Bots/ Riders (unsupervised)

    These have a long list of features from selective auto pick-up, selective potion refill, selective banking and selling of picked up items and fast mob detection.

    They can be detected because they ignore calls, trades, party invites and pvp invites.

    These bots have a set point of origin where they always return after killing a series of mobs. If you stand between that point and their current position they will run back and forth until you move (or the owner sees this and runs off to hide).

    However they tend to be annoying because they are hard to kill (auto-potting) and you waste more mana trying to kill them than if you would trying to kill all mobs around it. Basically these are used by higher lvl players that need skilling.

    These bots can be pked but it results in penalty so killing them more than 2 times is not recommended. Call a friend or guild and have a pinata party with the botters as the main attraction.

    [hard] Supervised Bots/ Riders with eyes

    These act just like the other but forget about them ignoring calls, trades, etc.
    They will even PK you or accept/refuse pvp

    They have the same glitch like the normal raider however and sometimes have hard time choosing targets and glitch. Also they have the obstacle bug like the unsupervised ones.

    Most tend to keep the auto potting abilities on so watch about that because if their life grows back a the exact same spot every time, then the guy is botting.

    Another way to catch'em is when they talk. Most figure that a normal person can attack and talk at the same time.. well... not unless you have 2 keyboards, 4 hands and 1 mouse. I haven't figured out how to farm and talk at the same time unless i had someone doing 1 of those 2 for me... and it wouldn't be the talking part.

    These botters are funny because if you ks them long enough they leave by themselves. Take note that most will attempt to pk you. I say let them: they can't kill you more than 3 times before they become targets to every player in the area. So botting when you're red isn't as fun ^^.



    [easy] Cooldown hackers

    They basically spam a spell faster than it can normally cool. Easy to detect, open your camcorder, invite them for another pvp and make them the star attractions of the GM. They're gonna provide the fireworks.

    [easy] Jail breakers

    Jail is made for people that abuse killing other people. If it was up to me i'd place a creature there to kill the jailed players as a punishment.
    However, the jail has noting even related to being threatening. Ending up in there is actually fun for most pkers. Why? Because they cheat their way out of it of course!
    You can detect them easy: they get out after less than 20 minutes (and that's if they have a map of the place)

    [hard] Speedhackers

    These are the worst kind of cheaters because they have the bad habit of pking a lot. They usually use or used every cheat or bot in the book.

    A speedhacker can kill you in less than 2 seconds and you can't even have time to react.
    They simply flood the server with a large ammount of action requests and tell the server their actions faster than the server can block them. So basically a speedhacker is ignoring the normal timeline of the game. Speedhackers also cause huge ammounts of lag wherever they go so they're pretty impossible to handle.


    ~--~-FILMING BOTS-~--~

    Now its time to teach you guys HOW to prove they're bots and how to burn them. We all know how fun it is to accuse someone of botting and making a screenie that will get the person banned even if that person wasn't actually botting. Yes, they might get banned and yes, your goal may be achieved but what if the person is really... a person? You're ruining his account that's what!

    So here's how to avoid that: when you're bent on bot reporting do anything humanly possible to prove that he's NOT a bot. If he really is a bot your trials will incriminate then without a shadow of a doubt. If he's not a bot then you also get a good confirmation of that fact.

    First get a nice screen capture program that can capture about 10 minutes of film and use the guide found here: CABAL Online - Community Forums > The Support Centre > CABAL - Tips and Tricks > How to make a video with Fraps or Xfire to report cheaters <- they do enjoy giving huge titles to their guides don't they? XD
    Its not 1 of the best i've ever seen but its explicit enough to get u going.
    (do not use camtasia. It gave some gruesome errors that left me with raw movie files 3gb ea for just 20 minutes of film which i had to recover from the temp folder and i'm still having trouble finding anything that can compress them)
    [i'll place links here... really... i mean it... i will place them... someday...]

    After opening the screen capture program you will have to perform ALL of the following series of actions in-game in order to prove that the other person is not botting.

    1 - Start a normal chat conversation with them asking him "hello"; "how are you?" and "are you a bot?" in 3 separate sentences.
    If the person answers WHILE attacking without stopping the attack then we're dealing with a supervised bot (unless he has 4 hands and 2 keyboards... in which case its OK for him to do that Razz)
    Take care because the new auto-attack feature may fool you. This only applies when the other guy can't afk. So use your head here: if you can't do that then he can't either

    If there's no answer
    2 - talk to him on private chat and repeat the above mentioned tactic (1)

    If there's no answer
    3 - Trade him and wait for the entire minute to pass and for the trade request to close by itself.
    Attention: due to a cabal bug, you can't trade anyone when the person is casting a skill. So you'll have to wait and trade between the attacks. So trade him when he's not attacking. <- this applies when trading any player in cabal

    If again no answer...
    4 - You make a party request and you wait 'till the time is up.

    If no answer (he should have answered by now... i mean it)
    5 - You request a pvp and wait 'till the time runs out.

    This time...
    6 - PK but don't kill. Just chip his life to check for auto potting. Also try using down skills and try getting him down at least twice. If the farming continues after those 2 downs that person is clearly a bot - anyone in the game, no matter how little damage u caused WILL retaliate after the second down in anger.
    Also if the person uses a lot of potions to recover from your attacks and continues farming happily with no retaliation then its a bot. Yeah.. i know about auto pots.. but if you are at your keyboard and fail to see your life spasming due to another person whooping you... then you have a problem.
    Most auto potters (harry potter as i like to call potters) are hard to kill so its a real challenge sometimes.
    I also suggest using HP down skills such as Poison Arrow (FA), Acid Trab (WI), Force Slash (FB). They waste less mana for you and are more effective at proving their auto-potting abilities.

    Final step
    7 - PK kill ( i know you want to ^^). There are 2 types of dead botters: they either stay dead for the full 3 minutes 'till the respawn timer ends or split second respawers that will respawn to town the instant they're dead
    All killed botters will return to a point of origin (as explained above)

    I lied
    8 - End movie and submit to cabal support^^ - or blackmail the botter with it

    Usually if the person didn't react in any way other than the bot-like farming at the 1st 3 steps then you're definitely dealing with a bot (93% of the time)

    But filming while following ALL the above steps will ensure a clear view if he's botting or not.

    Also before starting the movie make sure that the accused botter can clearly see you (run around him for example). If you stay hidden in a bush several screens away behind him won't exactly prove your point. A real player will most likely ignore you BECAUSE he doesn't see you.

    In cases like the [easy] Farming Bots/ Alz Bots you simply have to follow the steps shown BUT also film the fact that the botter "raised from the dead" after u pked him and wait for his "death timer" (3 minutes after you supposedly killed it) to respawn him to town

    if you do not know how to report you have a guide made by Elmarcyboy here:
    CABAL Online - Community Forums > The Support Centre > CABAL - Tips and Tricks > [Guide] How to report a Bot user/Cheater

    So here they are again in a short easy to read way without the explanations:
    1 - Chat normally
    2 - Chat on private
    3 - Trade request and wait until it expires
    4 - Party request and wait until it expires
    5 - PvP request and wait until it expires
    6 - Auto-potting and down test
    7 - PK and respawn test
    8 - End movie and submit to cabal support - or blackmail the botter with it
    steps 6 & 7 are only doable in pk/pvp worlds soweee

    Its common courtesy to say thx or to apologize to the other person for thinking he was a bot in case the player isn't botting.

    Also i will try making some movies to show you how to make a report movie
    In a report move it should be clear that the person is a bot. Keep the bot selected at all times so that details like the name and the auto-life recovery is clear, and don't kill him from the first hits.

    Just as a warning: some botters may find your actions disturbing when they look at who pked them when they were afk. I got reported and blocked/banned by one that pointed me as a bot to keep himself from getting banned (i'll just catch him again coze he's a dumb one ... and make a smaller movie this time)

    I didn't want to go specific on some topics due to the fact that i don't want to make this a tutorial on how to dodge detection. Besides if you bot and you try dodging the above detection methods you might want to reconsider and use buttons, its faster than actual "safe" botting Razz

    Originally Posted by Tarojun Zakra
    One fastest easy way to check if botting in all scenerio for me is to Down/Knock Back those I suspect botting.

    Genuine players retaliate or run away (Mostly the first option. Run away if they recieve too great damage)

    One thing you can add, instead of repeated PKing them, kill them once, and you have some time to lure mobs well away from the area. Chance to get them stuck or just stand there doing nothing.
    But there are recently some botters are move to a new place... But you won't know until you do that tactic

    Originally Posted by Slorn
    Another way to spot a bot...

    Most of them will be auto-looting with a distance hack.

    Identifying use of this is evidence enough for me before I go ahead and kill them.

    To do this, I select 1 unit of something cheap, like 1 hp pot. Stand in their vicinity, but nowhere close enough that they could normally pick an item up from, and drop the item.
    If it instantly disappears, they have acquired it by means of the hack.
    Use that technique in the video, even stating in chat beforehand that you are about to do so and it will be clearly seen that they continue fighting mobs without running to you to pick up the item and that the item is gone.
    This makes for a smaller video file as proof of distance auto looting should be sufficient for reporting.

    Originally Posted by warhammer920
    Kindly request to all cheater hunters at Nation War, be sure that the player you are accusing is actually cheating.

    Yesterday at Nation War 20:00 players noticed lag repeating every one minute, and also players walking through walls.

    I noticed both nation players doing that, and i am quite sure its a bug.

    For example, try getting to on of the front corner of the base, either Capella or Procyon, and try to pass trough the corner, you might notice that too. Similar or same as jail break bug.

    <~---~--~-~HUGE REQUEST~-~--~---~>

    For Faust's sake stop posting LOCATIONS about where they shouldn't find cheats -.-! I didn't make this a tutorial on how to cheat, thus i do NOT tolerate any links or hits to the whereabouts of cheats

    May i request some information about TG hacks ? please PM me if you have a way to detect speedhackers in TG as well as other abnormal behaviour.

    If you have any extra information i'll be happy to add it. (i will soon add information about scammers and other cabal illegalities.. and maybe even about YOU! XD )

    I give credit for all the artwork (~-~^~-~) in this guide to ~ and - and sometimes ^ They helped me so much. Couldn't have really done this without them thankies guys ^^

    Yes dreamyrider i allow you to use this on your site and yes that was advertising. So you can thank me about that as well ^^ (by sending me beer, cola and guildies)

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