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    Ran Online Map Mission Guide

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    Ran Online Map Mission Guide

    Post  Kern Ovy on 2010-06-13, 1:29 pm

    Level/Quest Requirements for Maps (Map, Level, Quest Name)

    Level Lvl Req Quest Name

    Shibuya 1 -

    Leaving the Campus | Enter Campus Holes 26 Skill Testing System

    Leonine Campus [Leo] 63 Special Agent's Test

    Trading Hole [TH] 67 Through the Tunnel

    Leonine Main Center 1F [Leo 1F] 75 Spirit's Request

    Leonine Campus 3F [Leo 3F] 75 The Basement 2 of Leonair Campus

    Leonine Basement 2 [B2] 75 The Basement 2 of Leonair Campus

    Carpark [CP] 86-140 Finding the Warehouse Key

    Wharf 90 -

    Leonine Basement 3 [B3] 100 -

    Green Hangout 1F [HO1F] 117 Investigate the Green's Secret..

    Green Hangout 2F [HO2F] 120 The "Green" Secret Foothold

    Green Hangout 3F [HO3F] 125 The 2nd Floor of the "Green"...

    Prison 130 -

    Middle Hole [MH] 140 -

    Root Hole [RH] 162 Deliver Important Message

    PrisonTestZone [PTZ] & Laboratory7 170 -

    Head.B 1F 190 Entrance of Saint Financial...

    Head.B 30F 190? Find the Password

    Head.B 50F 190? To Head Office 50F

    Head.B 90F 190? To Head Office 90F

    Head.B U-ground 19X? ?Laboratory in Underground

    Head.B Left Wall

    Director Room 190? Where the Time Stops 2

    Another World S 198? Activation of the Eight Signs..

    Map Name-----------Lvl From - Target
    Shibuya-----------1 [Shibuya Entry Card [7D] required]
    SG|MP|PX Hole-----26 Main Terminal - 10 Onslaught 40 min
    Leo---------------63 Special Agent - 20 SGD 40 min
    TH----------------67 Police [SG] - Corrupted Hound in TH Tunnel 40 min
    Leo 1F------------75 Banshee - 2 items from Poison Ivy, 8 from Shadow Crow
    Leo 3F------------75 Student Director [SG] - Find location of B2 Elevator at Leo 3F
    B2----------------75 Student Director [SG] - Get codes from IronMan28 @ 3F
    CP----------------86 Cleaner [TH] - Key from Loose Halogen
    Wharf-------------90 -
    B3----------------100 -
    HO1F--------------117 Police [Wharf] - Talk to Police [TH]
    HO2F--------------120 Police [Wharf] - 5 keys from Ice Tyrant, Baldie, VG
    HO3F--------------125 Police [Wharf] - 5 keys from DR, Baldie, VG, Ninja(M)
    Prison------------130 -
    MH----------------140 -
    RH----------------162 Deliver Important Message - Talk to SD
    PTZ|Laboratory7---170 -
    Head.B 1F----------190 Old Man [RH] - Enter Head.B 1F
    Head.B 30F---------19X? Terminal 1F - Find locations
    Head.B 50F---------19X? auto - Find locations
    Head.B 90F---------19X? auto - Find locations
    Head.B U-ground-19X? auto - Find locations and password (30F, 50F, 90F mobs)
    Head.B Left Wall

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