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    [Cabal] Skilling - From Level 1 in Current System

    Kern Ovy
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    [Cabal] Skilling - From Level 1 in Current System

    Post  Kern Ovy on 2009-09-17, 9:59 pm

    Skilling - From Level 1 in Current System [By Fdaps]
    Fdaps 08-20-2009

    All credit to Fdaps. Thanks to Yuk4oto's recommending



    So it's time for an up to date skilling guide since you can no longer obtain dual transcender at level 10, and the system has been changed to allow both Sword and Magic experience from every skill used.

    The target audience for this guide is people that are experienced with the game, but grimace at the fact of skilling up another char the old way. New players may find benefit from this guide though some terminology may confuse you.

    < Lost World >
    Hit C -> Click the Title info Button -> Click Other Title 0/1 -> Click Colony Trainee -> Click Apply Title. ( For a +3 Skill Exp Bonus ).

    The New Skill Caps:

    Level 1-19 Novice
    Level 20-29 Apprentice
    Level 30-39 Regular
    Level 40-49 Expert
    Level 50-59 A Expert
    Level 60-69 Master
    Level 70-79 A Master
    Level 80-89 G Master
    Level 90-99 Completer
    Level 100+ Transcender

    A. Create your character
    B. How to afford the much needed potions
    C. What monster to skill on by level
    D. Skill Exp + gear by level
    E. Any additional questions
    F. I'm lazy, is there anything easier?
    G. The I like to do 1000 things at once way

    A. Create your character

    The first thing you should do when you make your character is gather enough Alz, 800 I think. And buy Vitality Mastery Lv 1 Upgrade.

    There might be a level 4, 5, 6, 7 alt, however; this is best accomplished from level 1. The reasoning is simple, you want to use "Training" weapons the benefits to training weapons are: 1. There are no stat requirements what so ever to equip them. 2. They are the lowest base Attack and Magic in the game at 3 Attack 3 Magic.

    The other thing is for Wizard and Force Archer you will want to use Training Blade which means putting Alz in the storage to cover the deposit of 2 sword, creating a Blader and stashing that training sword in your storage.

    The downside to using a single Training Blade on a Wizard and Force Archer is that you will not be able to use class specific buffs, only the regeneration skill. In order to get the maximum skill experience during your time spent skilling, you want to be able to pull off Combo's of 15 or greater. I do not have flawless data on the fact that comboing increases skill exp, but at the very least it gives your mind something to focus on as you skill up. To do these large combo's you must do the lowest damage possible, that's why you only wield a singular training blade in the beginning. (Even if you're not comboing, just auto-attack with 2 novice skills you still want to stay low damage per hit)

    Also, I would like to mention holding off on destributing stat points until you need them to rank up at 10, 20, 30, 40. Somewhere around the early to late 40s you will want to spend the stats to unlock Adept armor for your character. This will vary from class to class, and personally, I wouldn't waste my time with any armor less than +3 skill exp but that will be covered later on.

    On a final note, even if you may have friends / buddies / whatever on the regular channels. Low level characters are best played on the Green Colored Channels. (This is Chan 2 3 4 5 6 for Premium Users, or simply 2 5 6 for non-Premium). The reason why is if you're on channel 17 for example and some random person you don't know kills your alt. It will be so tempting to relog your main and 1 shot them with impact stab or if you're a Force Blader main, somehow find a way to give them an Exp debt.

    As fun as that all is, it slows down your progress for skilling your low level, and that is not what this guide is about.

    B. How to afford the much needed potions

    I made this section because, after playing for awhile, I realised the cost of potions for skilling up can be quite taxing unless you just have an over abundance of Alz in the bank.

    (If Alz is not an issue simply buy the 50 in a Stack HP and MP potions on your higher level character and transfer them to the low level using your bank it saves a lot of inventory. Don't forget the 30 stack Return stones.)

    Drops to save as you're leveling to Auction off:
    Chaos Lamps - can be sold to players for ~ 350k or vendor for ~ 250k
    Upgrade Core Low
    Force Core Low
    Ring of Luck +1
    Epaulet of Guardian / Sage / Fighter
    Upgrade Core Medium
    D.T. Cards of Any Type
    Material Cores or Crystals

    If that is not enough or you have bad luck, doing Helper T quests starting at level 40 always helps. You get them from the Desert Scream go straight out from the zone in and past the Giant Snakes then all the way to the zone wall there's a mummy graveyard. The cross is in the middle with the orange scroll above it at level 40+ not before.

    C. What monster to skill on by level

    (Before I get anyone trolling my guide, I would like to say that the monster list is my own personal opinion and the ideal monster would be one that lasts a few minutes or more to kill and hits you for less damage then you regenerate from the regeneration buff.

    Regardless of the monster you use, you will have to recast regeneration fairly often to start out, then every 4 min at level 4. The good news is, starting at level 4o you can equip a Life Absorb Ring +1 (They are 32,000 alz from the Core Alchemist in Port Lux Lv. 50+ Map). This will go a long way toward making you not have to cast regeneration at all.)

    You cannot go from Novice to Apprentice until level 20 and the level 20 rank up quest, so only skill before 20 if you really want to or have OCD.

    Level 1 to 3: Green Despair - Mantis. Bloody Ice - Nipperlug. Desert Scream - Garlie

    Level 4 to 9: Green Despair - Troglo Warrior. Bloody Ice - Scorplug. Desert Scream - Giant Beetle.

    Level 10 to 12: Green Despair - Troglo Fighter. Bloody Ice - N/A. Desert Scream - Desert Fox.

    Sword Combo - Impact Stab (9), Flash Draw (9), Rising Shot (9) (Third Skill can depend on class)
    Magic Combo - Magic Arrow (9), Aqua Arrow (9), Fire Arrow (9)

    Level 13 to 15: Green Despair - Dire Boar or N/A. Bloody Ice - Lynxhorn Zombie. Desert Scream - Red Garlie.

    Level 15 to 18: Green Despair - Dire Boar or N/A. Bloody Ice - Lynxhorn Zombie Leader. Desert Scream - Giant Snake or N/A.

    Level 19 to 22: Green Despair - Pantheron. Bloody Ice - Zombie and Zombie Maid. Desert Scream - Huge Beetle.

    Level 22 to 25: Green Despair - Huge and Giant Spiders past the signpost, there are usually bots before it. Bloody Ice - Skeleton Mage or Warrior. Desert Scream: Armaku+.

    Level 25 to 30: Green Despair - Huge and Giant Spiders. Bloody Ice - Pantheron Zombie. Desert Scream - Mummy Blader.

    Level 31 to 40: Green Despair - Mosscutter. Desert Scream - Architeryx or Clay Gargolye. Bloody Ice - Ape.

    Level 40 to 60: Green Despair - Mosscutter+ or Mossscythers then Wriggleleafs. Desert Scream - N/A. Bloody Ice - Ape+ (everyones best friend for skilling).

    Level 60 to (Able To Tank Bugshark+ depends on class): Port Lux - Crag Crabs (non social and not aggro).

    Level (62,63,64,65,66,67,68,69,70)Bugshark+ to 71: Port Lux - Bugshark+ way down the shore from Crag Crabs. Fort Runia - 65 - ? Excavator Alfa submitted by Drizzt.

    Now the you're around level 65 or higher, you have 2 valid options for skilling in the Aramid / Shadowsteel gear.

    Option # 1: Simply stay a Crag Crabs, Bug Shark +, Stone Golems, or Dark Bladers even after they gray out because you still get skill exp as long as you're using a skill even on gray mobs.

    Option #2 : After Port Lux, you may have to change from your Shadowsteel / Aramid armor to Osmium in order to do your skills on the monsters with minimal potion use and micromanagement. So do not be alarmed if you step into Fort Runia and all the sudden you're getting hit for 250+ this is normal on a Wizard in Aramid.

    This is also around the time that you change from the Sword Combo to the Magic Combo for Wizard and Force Archer so that you can use your class specific buffs.

    Level 72 to 80: Fort Runia - Mechbuffalo+, Auto Cannon-Op+. Should have high enough HP to change from Training Blade to Adept Weapons.

    Level 81 to Transcender: Undead Ground - Whatever mob you can comfortably tank while skilling in adept gear. You will get more hits per monster out of the various named monsters around the zone.

    D. Skill Exp + gear by level

    The first +Skill Exp gear you can use is in the Shadowsteel / Aramid tier. For this particular guide we will not be using Adept Weapons as we are using training blades until Fort Runia.

    Level 40 is a good time to start gearing up, until then simply use what you can find.

    At 40:
    Adept Amulet +4 Skill Exp
    Life Absorb Ring +1 x2
    Aramid / Shadowsteel Helm, Suit, Gloves, Boots +3 Skill Exp Minimum.
    Skill Exp = 16

    At 55:
    Adept Amulet +1 +6 Skill Exp
    Change 1 Life Absorb Ring for Adept Ring +1 +3 Skill Exp
    Skill Exp = 21

    At 70:
    Adept Amulet +2 +8 Skill Exp
    Adept Bracelet +2 Skill Exp x2
    Skill Exp = 27

    By this point you have ~27 Skill Exp (+8 Amulet, +2 Bracelet, +2 Bracelet, +3 Ring, +3 Helm, +3 Gloves, +3 Boots, +3 Suit.) You can go for more but this is pleanty. At around 72 you can change over to +3 exp sword/katana/orb/crystals because the monster HP is such that the extra attack or magic won't hinder your progess. Which gives you +33 Skill Exp.

    E. Any additional questions

    1. What about Upgrade Skills?

    Vitality Mastery - Very Important, more HP -> Less Deaths
    Reflex - Defense Rate > Defense when skilling, you want to get hit as little as possible
    Sixth Sense - Defense Rate same as Above.
    Defensive Stance - If you do massive amounts of skilling
    Damage Absorb - Defense + same as above

    2. What?! I'm getting hit way too hard!

    If you're attempting this early, (before you have Aramid / Shadowsteel adept armor). For the most part you will need Wizard or Force Archer Buffs. This is another advantage of being on the non-PK channels, just go into Bloody Ice and nicely ask for buffs.

    If you're in a guild you should have no trouble getting buffs, the above paragraph is for people without a guild.

    F. I'm lazy, is there anything easier?

    Every 10 levels you have a Leveling up 1st Quest to increase the class rank of your character.
    You do the first 2 parts of that quest, on the third part you get a key to the 4th warp gate.

    Strip your char down to just a training blade and adept (If you're high enough level for adept).

    Use 2 magic arrows for melee based chars, and impact stab and flash draw for magic based character, the idea is to do 5-9 damage a hit. Zone into the 4th warp gate and attack the door. At the very least it will last 2-3 minutes, at most (90 rank up and 100 rank up doors) it will last 9 Minutes long. After the door is destroyed simply hit ESC and go to character select to rejoin the game, pick your server again and go back into 4th warp gate and repeat until you cap your skill rank for that level.

    Your exp will decrease with this method allowing you to keep a certain level for Nation War if you choose, or use it at Level 90 to help level 120+'s in Runia Station.

    This works all the way up to max Transcender, you never have to hit a monster or take damage to skill up.

    # The rest of this section below is a few days old, I wrote the above things to simplify and clarify #

    This does not work for the level 10 rank up dungeon for sure. I can confirm it works on the level 80 rank up door (3840 HP) so maybe the 70 and 60 ones also (I'm told the level 50 rank up gate has about 1200 HP by comparison)

    Start your level 80 rank up dungeon quest, do the first 2 steps. When you get to the third step and have the key to the warp gate, equip full adept armor and jewelery and a training blade no offhand. 2 Magic arrows skill level 9 for high STR classes, Impact Stab (9) and Flash Draw (9) for high INT classes.

    Enter the dungeon, auto-attack on with those 2 skills and hit the door. Around 8 min later go to server select and do it all over again.

    Actual game facts on this one, I got Leimf to level 82 (RS levels pretty fast so I didn't stop exactly at 80). With +37 Skill Exp Non-Premium (My str is so low that putting a +4 Skill Exp orb in my offhand still only made me do 8 damage. The door lasted exactly 8 min most of the time which was a skill up and a half roughly per 8 min for Magic (About 75-80 Rank up doors from A.Master to G.Master). Then I completed the dungeon to get G. Master Sword and Magic.

    I plan on doing the same thing for G.Master to Completer skill points in the level 90 rank up dungeon.

    G. The I like to do 1000 things at once way

    Take your character and stuff as much adept as you can find on it. Then you either:
    1) Farm lower level maps for professional crafting materials to sell / use / give to guildies.
    2) Go do all of your back quests and storyline quests.
    3) Pretend to be a really powerful low level character in aramid / shadowsteel.

    You'll manage to get crafting materials, finish quests, and get skill exp all at the same time.

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