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    [FB] PVP Combo

    Kern Ovy
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    [FB] PVP Combo

    Post  Kern Ovy on 2009-10-13, 9:04 pm

    PVP Combo (also suitable as DPS on bosses)
    Notice some variations compared to the DPS combo I've mentioned above? The idea here is to spam Comp and GM as many times as possible by using assault as a filter skill (fast cast animation) while adding in Assault for DoT effect and DoR for knockdown effect.

    Didnt know that there's actually a Japan player who uses this combo too =X

    Some notes on PVP
    1) NEVER and I repeat myself NEVER use Infernal Stigma or Force Impact in the middle of pvp because of its freaking long cast time which gives crappy DPS.
    2) Force Impact however can be used as a finisher due to its long cast time and considerable high damage. It makes the opponent look like he cant do anything and dies after you stick your sword into the ground. Cool huh?
    3) We dont use stigma in PVP, why? Yes, 8 seconds stun on mobs is **** good. Stunning duration on players is greatly reduced. Im not really sure how stunning works in pvp but I can say stigma's long cast time will render you vulnerable to attacks.

    PVE Combo 1
    Comp>GM>Force Slash>Comp>DoR>GM>Comp>Force Slash>DoR>GM>Comp
    This is similar to what I have written for PVP isnt it? However, I swap Assault with Force Slash due to Force Slash having area effect and fast cast animation as well to reaccess Comp asap. This combo is used mainly when you dont have to use stunlock at all if the mobs are not painful to you.

    PVE Combo 2 (stunlock)
    GM>Comp>Stigma>GM>Comp>Rising>Slash>repeat (Stigma>GM>Comp>Rising>slash)
    In this combo, I switch both Comp and GM to the front. This is for people with laggy computer (like me =X) to use so that you will be able to access Comp and GM more. Another thing is GM helps to create animation block and also knockdown the mobs 1st and then dishing damage from Comp. Next stigma comes into play and you will be able to carry out the stunlock. It probably wont make much a difference but Im just showing how you can modify skills in combo.

    Battle Mode
    Battle Mode 1
    Originally Posted by niefeng View Post
    BM1 for Force Bladers is called Force Enchanter. The specialty of this BM1 is transforming your strongest magic attacks to your relevant buffs. So, whenever you cast your magic ATTACK skills in BM1, it will show you the animation of each buff. However, after casting BM1, you dont have to cast anything. If you already learnt those cannons, you are automatically buffed.
    Arrows/Blasts/Lances/Cannons = Magic Attack Skills
    Fire, Ice, Lightning = Physical Attack Buff
    Water = HP+MP+Regen Buff
    Earth = Defence Buff
    Wind = Atk rate and Def rate Buff
    When you aren't using BM1, these buffs you can find under your magic skill list.
    Fire Blade, Ice Blade, Lightning Blade.
    Aqua Vitality.
    Earth Guard.
    Wind Movement.
    A quote from my twin ^^ but I edited some parts of it to make it clearer.

    Some Notes on BM1
    1) Ice cannon doesnt stack with Lightning cannon even after lv140 rank up though you can stack lightning and ice blade. Same applies to Fire cannon.
    2) FB's BM1 can now stack with party buffs from other classes.

    Battle Mode 2
    Force Bladers' BM2 are similar to that of WA's lancer mode. The esc-cancel technique can be used on it for high speed attack. It has a 4-sequence attack style, stab>round cut>slash up>slash down. Normally, people skipped the last hit due to the long transition back to 1st attacking sequence. (current new bm2)

    How to execute esc-cancel technique?
    1) press atk
    2) when the animation is ending soon, press esc
    3) reclick
    4) press atk
    5) repeat

    Information Regarding Crit Rate and Crit Dmg
    Originally Posted by ToonXW View Post
    Base critical damage = 20%
    Base critical rate = 5%

    Lighting blade = 15% critical rate/10% critical damage
    Ice blade = 10% critical rate/5% critical damage.
    Fire balde = 10% rate/29 attack

    Assume Lapis Crystal of Deathblow
    Crafted option = 16% critical damage
    Double slotted after extended (3 slots) = 24% or 25% (if you slot a critical damage on the 3rd slot)

    Assume same case for Deathblow Helm and Deathblow Blade;

    In total you will have;
    Critical damage = 20% + 10% + 5% + 40%(41%) + 40%(41%) + 40%(41%) = 155%(158%)
    Critical rate = 5% + 15% + 10% + 10% + 20%<twin ROL+1>(30%<twin ROL+2>) = 60%(70%)
    This is an example of crit rate and crit dmg calculation provided by my guild member Ginryu, previously a FB but now a FA named Hien. However, there are some pointers to take note regarding this information.
    1) Max buff crit rate, which refers to the maximum crit rate you can gain from buffs, could be 25% (yet to be confirmed). For cabaleu, it is already at 25% therefore, the extra 10% rate from fire blade wont be taken into account.
    2) The highest crit rate that you can get is 50%, meaning even if you have godly crit rate items exceeding that of 50%, they will be rendered useless. Unless you have items that gives +max crit.
    3) + max crit is like giving you more "space" for crit rate. If you have one EQ which gives +2 max crit, you can have effectively 52% crit rate provided you have EQ with crit rate+buffs to reach 52%. + max crit however does not give any crit rate. It only gives you more "space".
    4) Having 3 slots in a weapon doesnt mean you will have 30% dmg inc. The limit is 25% in total for 3 slots. Therefore, it may be a better choice for you to have crafted dmg inc and one slotted crit rate. However, I've mentioned earlier that since 50% crit rate is easily achievable without deathblow crit rate items after lv140 rank up. Thus, deathblow damage inc will be a better option.

    Hmm, thats about all with the basics stuff. I may add in new things if other ppl wishes me to. However, I have to add that I am not very good in FB actually. For more advanced questions, you may have to post new threads to consult the pros. You may want to ask here too and I will try my best to answer them. Another thing.. sorry for not making this guide colourful enough =X

    Special thanks to my twin bro, niefeng, who is active in PPF also, in helping me make this thread successful and those whom I have quoted.

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