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    Cabal Sea new Update!!!!!!

    Kern Ovy
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    Cabal Sea new Update!!!!!!

    Post  Kern Ovy on 2009-10-13, 8:53 pm

    Stay tuned for more updates!

    Other Additions
    • Improvements to the Party Search Function – Now players can search for a party easily as the party search function has been improved. It will now appear next to your character name.
    • Possibility to Upgrade to +12 - You are now able to upgrade items to +12. Improvements to the Graphics - The new ‘Multi Sampling’ function in the Game graphic option enables you to improve the appearance of your game.
    • Auto distribution of stat points – Button to allow auto distribution of your stat points
    • Added Shadow Shield FX function
    • Added auto Astral Weapon (FA/FS) function, which auto turns when your character logs in or resurrects and turns off when you change or cancel the equipment.
    • Added a new Skill for newly created characters - Each new character will now receive a skill when starting the game. This is as follows: Warrior/Blader (Flash Draw), Wizard (Freeze), Force Archer (Power Shot), Force Shielder (Shield Shock) and Force Blader (Enchant).

    Bug Fixes
    • Corrected error when press ‘Enter’ key after inserting number of items to divide.
    • Corrected error of Guild and Buddy window not being reactivated while using Rename Card
    • Corrected error of item information window not being cleared in specific cases in the Agent Shop.
    • Corrected error of showing abnormal price when selling Accessories with Epic Option in the NPC Agent.
    • Corrected error of showing abnormal order of prices in the Agent Shop.
    • Corrected error of text is out of line when there are many options to change while checking pet information.
    • Corrected error of showing abnormal in [Costume] Suit of Mystic Blade / [Costume] Suit of Rin.
    • Corrected error of changing “Character Bind” in the restoration window in the Agent Shop.
    • Corrected error of scroll cannot be applied using mouse in the Agent Shop.
    • Corrected error of ‘Full Screen Mode’ cannot be applied after adjusting resolution setting.
    • Corrected error of account bind cores cannot be used when upgrade upper item.
    • Corrected error of Enhanced Cores cannot be used when update Essence Ability.
    • Corrected error of skill being used in an abnormally fast speed after changing Efx file.
    • Corrected error of client being shut down when trade with inventory being full.

    Other Modifications
    • Improved the information on the GPS - it will now mark some NPCs, Warp Gate locations and provide information on the key dungeons (such as the entrance location, details on any quests that need to be completed and level and item entry requirements).
    • More information given on how to obtain map codes (for example information on the quests that need to be completed).
    • The Dummy is now available to be skilled on from Level 1 (instead of the previous requirement of Level 90).
    • Non-Premium users will no longer be required to buy an entrance item for Undead Ground (Ring of the Oath), Forgotten Ruin (Ring of the Change), Mutant Forest (ring of the Stone Curse) and Pontus Ferrum (Ring of the Steel). These items have also been removed from all entrance quests.
    • The enter key can no longer be used to proceed with the upgrade once you have right-clicked on the core and clicked on the item you want to upgrade. Instead, pressing Enter will now cancel the upgrade.
    • The Skills received from the Level 2 quest "Basic Fighting" have been changed. The changes are as follows: Warrior (Power Stab), Blader (Double Slash), Wizard (Burning Hand), Force Archer (Terra Arrow) and Force Blader/Shielder (Force Stab).
    • Moving backwards is now faster ('S' on the keyboard).
    • Changed the way to show Critical Hit - Damage is now shown from the beginning in blue.
    • Removed a number of words - including "Sie" - from the blocked word filter.
    • Specific novice skills can now be levelled earlier (excluding Burning Hand).
    • Changed the Ruina Station introduction question (no longer need to visit the dungeon and kill the Invader Mecca Ape T-2).
    • Changed direction of the character according to the direction of the camera when camera spins using left button of the mouse while moving keyboard with mouse pointer being fixed when camera spins.
    • Changed high priced items grouping Cash Item / Upgrade Ingredients Item (Cores, Coating Kit) / grouping items of high priced items of honor items and certified items
    • Cancelled distance of Party Request/Invite - players are now able to join a group even if it is on a different map or the group is already in a dungeon.
    • Changed the button for finish chat channel from "End" to "Leave".
    • The command has also changed from "End" to "/Leave Channel".
    • The Icon for War Winning Bonus Buff has been moved to the upper right corner.
    • Changed the NPC fees for +8/9 tem upgrading - it will now cost 1,000,000 Alz for +8 and 2,000,00 Alz for +9.
    • Changed prices of some of accessories
    • Some minor changes to the Auction House (e.g. categorisation).
    • Changed to show message when purchase item more than 10 Million Alz in the Agent Shop.
    • Deleted ‘Gravity Distortion’ Cool Time Penalty.
    • Changed ‘Infernal Impact’ Skill of Force Blader
    - Remove level drop and drop rate of attack up
    - Changed attack damage shown in Twin Gunner of Force Archer
    - Current: Shown as 4 continuous attack
    - Changed: Changed to show added 2 continuous attack

    Nation War Changes
    • Changed the way to enter to enter TG - players will now join a que to enter the lobby.
    • Tierra del Bruto Lv. 52 ~ Lv. 60 Entrance Requirements Changed - Skill Rank below Master is now required.
    • Changed Heal/Mass Heal is not judged as battle. (Able to use Vital Gear)
    • Corrected error that received War Potion as a trade in the Mission War is cannot be disappeared when move to the lobby.
    • Corrected error of showing the information of former Mini Map when enter the Mission War in channel selection message.
    • Able to equip and cancel Weapon/Legacy Weapon even though has received buff before.

    - CabalSEA Administrator

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