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    Maps & Monsters | Forgotten Ruin

    Post  Kern Ovy on 2009-10-13, 7:59 pm

    Stone Beetle
    A fierce beetle whose body is covered with a stone shell.

    Sand Lihorn
    A sand coloured Lihorn. Be wary of this creature as it can attack adventurers without warning.

    Giant Scorpion
    Rumor has it that no-one has ever survived the deadly effect of this Giant Scorpian's sting.
    A chimera which has a lion's body and eagle wings. It is extremely violent and very unpredictable.

    Fire Beetle
    A mutant Stone Beetle which has lava running through its veins. Be warned - you will be burned if you dare to stray too near and touch it.

    A chimera which has bat wings and a lizard's tail. It thumps its enemies by using its powerful paws. A survivor one declared that he felt like he was going to die as soon as he was hit by the paws.

    Two-headed Hound
    Some say that this creature was a result of the failed Chimera experiment, but it has not been confirmed. Strangely, the two heads do not seem to get along well with each other.
    Blade Peryton

    Blade Peryton
    A restless Peryton with sharp-bladed wings. It stands on its feet and wields the wings in the same way a human would.

    A female Lihorn that has a smaller body but has stronger horns than a male. Its back horn especially, is more dangerous than the males.

    A creature that has extremely sharp metal legs.

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